Interior and exterior wall coverings


Decorative PU systems that are used for decoration purposes in buildings; at the same time, the isolation feature provided for by the amount of use continues to increase. Smooth skin, quick kaliplanma feature and offers high performance.


According to standards DIN 4102 "B-2" and "b-3" TS-en 13501/1e, according to the "E" and "F" in the class fire resistance class. Aluminum, silicon and epoxy molds 80 kg/m3 has a density in the range of the application. Low or high pressure polyurethane injection machines are made with the application.


Decorative spray PU systems


The high cost of the major mold coatings (Dome, wall, etc. as used in the production of spray polyurethane systems are applied with injection machines. Due to the low cost and speed of application, area of use and the amount is increasing day by day.