Polyamine-isocyanate prepolymer by the reaction of elastomer with resin coating systems-sided continuous system). 100 %solid pure aromatic polyurethane and flexible system structure with the elastomer and continuous waterproofing provides waterproofing for many years. Due to superior physical properties, having high strength and resistance to coated surfaces quick and easy forming a film coating system. Waterproofing and corrosion protection for concrete, metal, wood, ceramic and many, such as PU foam can be applied to the ground. Solvent and the volatile component because it does not contain an environmentally friendly coating. He could be sensitive to humidity and temperature weather not many-component spray should be applied with a machine.


OSA Poli]r Pure Chemistry(OSACOAT100) and Polyurea Hybrid(USA coat 90) offers two different product types.



Very fast cure and adhesion between the layers
100 %solids, VOC-free, odorless
Excellent temperature stability
Seamless and waterproof
Excellent crack bridging ability
Concrete, metal, wood excellent adhesion to substrates such as textiles and geo
Excellent flexibility
Excellent chemical resistance
Very good abrasion and impact resistance
Very good drawing and structural strength
Is not affected by moisture and heat
The ability to the desired thickness to the coating
Be colorized according to customer demand

Areas Of Use:

Water tanks and pipes
Pools and swimming pools
Coatings and waste water manhole waste water treatment plant
Industrial floor coatings
Parking lots and garages
Wanting high traffic floors
Transportation and truck chassis
Roads, bridges and tunnels
Train routes and speed trains
In the maritime industry and ship decks of the ship and the ports
Oil and gas industry
Refineries, mining and the energy sector
Secondary storage tanks, acid/base strength wishing floors
Water parks, Aquarium, play areas and decorative designs